Anyone who has read the Harry Potter books will agree that one of the brilliant idea in them is the idea of Dementors and how to get rid of them – with the spell ‘Expecto Patronum’. The spell also requires that the witch/wizard saying it must think of a positive thought or positive image. I feel J.K.Rowling is a genius. From this concept of dementors – she demonstrates when a bad energy is in your presence or when it is trying to cancel out your positive energy, all you need to do is become self-aware of what is happening and replace the negative thought by a positive one.

So here are some things and images that make me positive. Maybe you can make a list for yourself and take a look at it from time to time.

  1. My son


2. Washing your eyes and face with water after brushing in the morning and wiping them with a towel. (You should also say ‘aahhh’ when you do it)

3. Listening to music on a good pair of headphones on the BART.

4. Driving while listening to music.

5. Listening to children’s bubbling laughter.

6. Sunshine/sunny days.

7. Puppies


8. Being in nature / observing nature

9. Getting some good layers in a home made ice latte


How to make yummylicious layered Iced Latte

10. Eating yummy chaat