I recently started drinking iced latte. I have always been a hot coffee kind of a person. The shift came about because one day I saw our team’s doc-writer Mike sipping from this fancy looking tall glass a drink with white and brown layers. I asked him what it was and he educated me on the procedure to make a lovely iced latte. I have been hooked to it ever since and now I look forward to having it on the days I go to office, or sometimes at home even.

Here are the things you will need :

  1. Lots of ice
  2. Coffee – this can be instant or brewed coffee
  3. Milk
  4. Sugar / Sugar syrup
  5. A tall glass

Procedure :

  1. Prepare the coffee : If instant (I use Nescafe) – mix some with water in a separate glass. If brewed, take some brewed coffee and cool it in the fridge. We do not want the coffee to be hot.


2. Fill a tall glass with ice more than halfway with ice cubes. Pour milk over that. Add sugar or sugar syrup.


3. Now over this glass, slowly pour the coffee. You can aim for one of the ice cubes in the glass and pour slowly over that. Voila! Your iced-latte as good as one from Starbucks is ready 🙂 Sip back and enjoy!