Ever since I can remember, even as a child – I just did not understand this world. I found it to be a very chaotic and unlivable place. I especially felt for animals. I was born in Pune, India. Stray dogs are plentiful in Pune and so are their pups. A favorite activity of some people in India is pelting stones at dogs and watching them whine away in pain. I always found this stupid and cruel. Why would anyone do that? The dog is out there, minding its own business – why do you want to trouble him/her? The atrocities against animals that I have seen in my childhood were and still are actually quite traumatic to me. That was my first sign.

I have recently realized why in spite of so many good things that have always happened in my life, why I feel kind of homesick. It only makes sense that I am a wanderer, starseed or lightworker. Here are some other signs that you also might be a wanderer :

  1. You find the Earth to be very confusing, cruel and just illogical.
  2. You don’t feel homesick if you travel away from your ‘Earth home’.
  3.  You are always thinking of which city you want to settle in next Рbecause you are kind of looking for a home. You love traveling.
  4. You can detect fake behavior very easily : fake love, fake appreciation, etc.
  5. You just know if someone is lying.
  6. You can look at someone and kind of imagine why they are behaving the way they are. Like a back story of sorts.
  7. You love animals, plants, nature, environment.
  8. You always root for the underdog / standup for the weak.
  9. Bad news disturbs you to a much deeper degree than anyone else around you.
  10. You often feel like you want to do something good for the Earth/humanity.
  11. You take responsibility – sometimes even if its not your own.
  12. You always want to give people benefit of doubt.
  13. You usually go through some sort of abuse which is extremely unwarranted.
  14. In spite of the abuse you are unable to do anything bad to the abuser (other than just walking away from them).

This kind of gives me a perspective on my life. It answers a lot of questions that I have had until now. So if you guys feel you are fellow wanderers too, get in touch and we can embark on this spiritual awakening all together. Here are some more details on why you might be here as a wanderer. Lots of love and light.