Wanderers, lightworkers and starseeds are basically souls which have re-incarnated on this Earth in a human body from a much higher dimension. We currently live in a 4d world  on this Earth – the dimensions being – length, breadth, width and time. But there are worlds out there which have many more dimensions. The 5th dimension is energy. We are however on this Earth not evolved enough to process (see, feel, understand) energy in an efficient way yet.

Wanderers are usually from a much higher dimensions – like planets where life forms use telepathy, telekinesis, etc. to communicate with one another.  You can call them ‘alien’ if you want. Planets where every life form considers the other as equal, there are no differences, everyone knows what everyone else is thinking and therefore there is nothing called ‘fake’. Basically, what many religions or ‘good conduct’ prescribes. But in a place where these attributes are not efforts made by life forms, but it is just their way of being. They just don’t know any other way to be. Quite a utopian society 🙂

Wanderers, lightworkers and starseeds might have come on this Earth with an aim to raise the vibration of the Earth. They might have also come here to help their own ascension process as they can do much more ascension here in a harsher world i.e., the Earth – rather than their own planet. A wanderer might also not have achieved true liberation. But might definitely be much nearer to it than a life form from the 4th dimension. A wanderer’s only purpose might also be just to be born here, live a seemingly normal life here. But even in that life, he or she might make everyone around him/her feel good, make their days special, be a secret keeper or an uplifter in their life.

You can see my other document – signs you are a wanderer, lightworker or starseed. So if you think you are a wanderer, shine on! You are a bright yellow light which will help this Earth just by your mere presence. You cannot be mean or be bad even if you want to – most of the time.  If you are tired of this Earth with all it’s negativity – don’t feel bogged down. The mass vibrations are rising. You, many other wanderers and other evolved souls are helping this planet. So smile, be happy, listen to your inner voice and be all that you can be in unity with this beautiful Universe.

Sidenote : I think J.K.Rowling is a wanderer too. Other than her brilliant series – Harry Potter, many of her concepts in the book, her struggles with depression; this quote by her makes me pretty much certain of it –

‘We touch other people’s life simply by existing’.