Yesterday’s Dream :

I had a pretty lucid dream yesterday. Many of my dreams are super dramatic and so was the one yesterday. So at first, I see that me and my husband are at his ex-bosses house. I don’t remember the house so much but I remember they have a big balcony and there are some trees near the balcony. On one of the branch of the tree there is one bird. It’s like a peacock or pheonix. Not as beautiful as a peacock with a long tail but very enticing somehow. It is eating some fruits from the tree. And suddenly I see that the tree also has some bananas, papayas, etc. So it’s like a weird tree with multiple fruits. I am quite lost looking at the bird in the dream and I remember being super awed by it.

Behind these trees is the ocean and suddenly with one big wave, there is water everywhere. We all simply float in this water. There is no panic. We are just floating and talking. I don’t know what happened of the bird at that time.

I might have seen the bird because I did see two peacock statues in a temple I visited yesterday and water might be there because I had to use the washroom. Anyhow, this is the what the web says about the interpretation of my dreams.

About Oceans, Floods :

The Ocean is a powerful symbol – in both the physical and dream worlds. In the physical world, over 71 percent of Earth is ocean! Its depths and vastness is truly beyond our comprehension.

In the dream world, ocean dreams are connected with strong emotions and your unconscious – which is also vast beyond comprehension. At its heart, the ocean represents your soul.

Dreams about the ocean are often about:

  • Your Unconscious
  • Strong Emotions
  • Connection to Soul
  • Mother

Your Unconscious

We think we are in control of our lives, but really our unconscious runs the show.  Imagine that the land on Earth represents your conscious actions and the ocean represents your unconsciousness.  That means that 71 percent of what you do is actually unconscious.

Dreaming of the ocean can show you areas where you are unconscious.  Often, ocean dreams are about bringing awareness into your life.

Strong Emotions

Water is connected with emotion and ocean dreams are about strong emotions.  These dreams will shed light on emotional areas in your life.  They can also show you how to deal effectively with powerful emotions.

Pay close attention to your feelings during the dream.  Feelings connect the dream world with the physical world.  Now link the feelings in the dream to the same feelings in your waking life.

Connection to Soul

You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. ~unknown

From our limited human perspective, we can barely imagine the vastness of our own potential.  We are limitless beings, currently experiencing limitation.  We may not be aware of it, but we are always connected with soul.  Ocean dreams remind us of this connection.

Ocean dreams represent the bridge between the physical world and your soul.  Your soul seeks expression and these dreams remind you to do whatever makes your heart sing.


Ocean is a feminine symbol and connects us with our divine feminine nature.  It’s associated with compassion, creativity, and intuition. Water reminds us that we are all connected – energetically and through water itself.

Like being cradled in the womb, the ocean brings us back to a time when all our needs were met.  No effort or struggle required. These feelings are often are often associated with the mother-figure in your life.  Ocean dreams remind us that the universe is abundant and that we have everything we need.

Life began in the ocean – the ocean is literally the “mother” of life.  It represents birth, death, and the cycle of life.  Ocean dreams are also about renewal and our desire to connect with Source.

Water – Your emotions

The state of the water shows your emotional state.  Calm water shows peaceful emotions, while harsh waves suggest more aggressive emotions.  Big waves may suggest waves of strong emotions.

The above is from here :

About Birds :

A huge bird: The power of the collective mind or unconscious. It may uplift or be felt as threatening; something that can protect or be felt as a threat. If felt as a threat remember that dreams are like computer game, nothing can actually harm you, see Dream as Computer Game.

From here :

A bird perched on a branch – Just as the lonesome and gloomy vibe that a bird perched on a branch in a dream projects, this also signifies a looming period of sadness, melancholy, anguish, desolation, heartbreak or disappointments. Things may not go according to your plans after experiencing this dream.

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