Yesterday, I had multiple dreams. I need to get up at least twice in the night because of my son. He gets hungry, wiggles over my head, cries or all of the above. Anyways, here are the dreams :

  1. Me and my husband are on a bus or train or some transport of that sort. I see a humungous moon. It is like the largest one I have seen and it is pretty close to earth. I show it to my husband and try to click a picture of it. But suddenly the train changes directions and I keep going around the bus to try to take a picture of it. Also, dreamed later that I saw someone twice one after the other as if I am looking in parallel universes.
  2. I saw a gathering of sorts – like a community event. I saw my uncle and aunt. My aunt is making some kind of a speech and worries in the speech that something that my other aunt (the eldest one) will say should not upset her daughter (my cousin). So basically, she is worried for her daughter’s peace of mind. This was actually a dream I saw early morning.
  3. The second dream I saw was that I was at a friends place. She had a balcony of sorts and from that balcony I could see a huge helicopter. The helicopter was red and white.

These are the interpretations of some of the things I saw in my dream :

Giant full moon :

  • If you are a psychic person and you see a moon in your dream, praise the Goddess, since she blesses you with strengthened intuitive powers by such a dream.
  • Good life if see full moon – The dream of full moon will give you an ability to find your own life destination and will reach what you desire.
  • Usually linked with intuition, romance, spirituality.

Helicopter :

  • To see a helicopter in your dream represents your ambitions and achievements. You are in full pursuit of your goals.
  • To dream of a helicopter represents plans or projects that are getting off the ground and allow you full discretion. Total freedom that allows you to adapt. Plans or projects that are “getting of the ground” and can adapt as needed. The ability to start, stop, or change as needed with full freedom. Living free at your own pace. No fear of adapting while undertaking new plans.
  • Helicopter Waiting for You: To dream about a helicopter waiting for you is a sign that you are very close to the ladder of success. Keep moving ahead and do not look back. The dream is a sign of confidence in you and the passion to reach your goals.

Train :

  • Trains in a dream may refer to a new journey or endeavour