Here are a few other synchronicity experiences I have had recently. I have been trying to capture them with photos.

2017-03-07 09.08.06

2017-03-07 09.09.06

Today the most amazing thing happened. I felt like painting yesterday. Already had colors at home. So I quickly rushed over to Hobby Lobby during my office lunch break (I work from home). I bought the canvases and they were on 50% sale, yoohoo! But more amazing than that, I saw a candy dispenser which was named after my nickname – Radz. That’s what my friends called me in school and college back home. So I of course took a picture and decided to write a blog about it. Also, after completing one painting, my laptop screen broke. So looks like the Universe did want me to paint yesterday. I painted one more. I am off to office now, hopefully will get a new or a loaner laptop today.

2017-03-07 09.12.16