Many times after having a lot of extremely philosophical and spiritual thoughts which tangle up my brain threads like shaken up spaghetti – I come to this conclusion : it’s all about love. It’s always all about love and light. No matter how complicated everything gets. We get back to this simple truth. Love trumps all. Nothing greater than it in any of the dimensions.

However, sometimes negative energy or even the energy of doubt/non-confidence or fear overpowers us so much that it becomes very difficult to find even a shred of positive energy. Even in the real world we see that it is the most positive, naive, sensitive, innocent people get made fun of. The others will take them for granted and think them stupid. So for any positive and sensitive people out there, please continue to be so. Please continue to spread your positivity to the world. The very people who make fun of you or take you for granted need it the most.

Babies help brighten everything by their very presence. I was recently looking for room decor paintings for my son’s room. But I could not find anything to my liking or the things I liked were printed and not hand painted.  In the hand painted variety, pictures were very expensive. So I decided to paint some myself. Here are a few of them. I hope these pictures brighten your day today. I have also posted them on Amazon Handmade. Here is the storefront :