Anja Ringgren Lovén is the Danish aidworker who became famous due to her rescue of a Nigerian boy who was said to be a witch. She has been doing great work for such so-called ‘witch’ children. I don’t want to get into how atrocious and inhuman it is to call a child that because it will be a lot of negative. Instead lets focus on the positives.

The child she rescued and named Hope is now all of 3 years old and is ready to go to school. Here is an article with the story :

Anja Ringgren Lovén also won the most inspirational person of the year award in 2016 for her work.

Article :

I feel so happy to read this. It definitely good to know that people are recognizing her amazing contribution and that is being appreciated on such a massive level. This definitely tells us that the Earth really is changing for the better.

I also felt hugely inspired after reading about this amazing woman. So I was thinking of some ways in which we can contribute towards the betterment of the world. Here are some ideas I came up with :

1. Join a local/community ngo.

2. Help out with food for the local food bank.

3. Paint and give away some free art to a local orphanage/community center.

4. Play music if you are good at it for free. Just for the good vibes.

5. Donate monetarily to a charity.

6. Try planting a tree either in backyard or in a pot indoors.

7. Meditate / become a nicer person.

8. Write a blog which is inspirational or funny. Nothing negative.

9. Try to understand that good and bad are ultimately the same thing. Jnana Yog or Non-Dualism.

10. Volunteer at Soup Kitchen/Animal rescue centers.

So let’s all get inspired by Anja Ringgren Lovén and start doing whatever good we can in our small little way.