Convenience – the meaning of this term is : ‘The state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty.’ It’s such an easy word. Who doesn’t like convenience? We all do. It’s stress free. It’s casual. It’s cool.

I have had people in my life who treat everything with a certain degree of convenience. May that thing be – their food, their bills, their life plans even their relationships. Such people are usually very easy to live with because they don’t expect much and also they don’t give much. Basically, convenience is the thing they give the other partner. Now, if you lose a job due to convenience you can get another one, if you forget to pay a bill – you might have to pay a late fees. But what about relationships?

The problem happens when a real difficulty comes up in a relationship. In such a scenario, a person also treats the relationship with convenience – which is basically ignoring the difficulty completely. They are very happy living in ignorance. Such people are not only ignorant of others but of themselves as well. They would much rather live conveniently than delve deeper into themselves and find out what the problem really is.

Such people have some other characteristics as well – they procrastinate. They feel that nothing they do will usually amount to anything. Generally a super pessimistic point of view. The reason they think this way might be because of some childhood issue. I think at the source of the convenience behavior, is the root belief ‘nothing I do is good enough’, ‘nothing I do matters’. These individuals as children might have faced neglect of some sort and made to feel worthless. When this behavior was repeated over and over again, they must have internalized these feelings and made it a mantra – ‘Nothing I do matters’, ‘Nothing I do is good enough.’

As a human being we all try to avoid hurt in any form. So do these individuals – they have been programmed since childhood to avoid getting hurt by going the convenience route – don’t try. The problem is that everyone is not their parents and that they are not children still. There are some relationships in life in which they will have to make an effort. And those relationships might actually be worth it. We can only pray that these individuals get this point of view before they lose some worthy relationships in their life.

In the meta-physical, this might be related with the Solar Plexus or the Manipura chakra.