It is said that we all have guardian Angels. These are positively polarized entities who look after us from the time we are born and then throughout our life. When family or friends who love us dearly depart, they become our Angels too. Our Angels help us in various things throughout our lives – most of the time without us even noticing it. But it is not difficult to notice, we can if we just pay a little more attention to all that is happening around us. In Hinduism, we might call them as devdoots.

Some angels are also here on Earth working in human forms. As I have mentioned on the other post, all the NICU nurses as well as the British nurse who helped me during my c-section prep and generally every nurse in that hospital was an Angel to me. I am listing some of the other people who I think are my Angels here :

  1. My Grandfather :
My Grandfather and my cousin – Ruchi

My grandfather was a very wise man. He never raised a hand on my dad or his other two brothers – which was a very rare phenomenon in those times (my grandfather was born around 1920). It was common in this time to raise your hand on your children. He was logical yet sensitive. Emotional yet rational. One of the things which I remember him doing was during family fights he would be the one calming everyone down. Not always, but most of the time. Another thing that I remember is him telling me or someone else (can’t remember correctly) that the people who fall in the middle of the spectrum i.e., who are so to say – mediocre, lead very good lives. The folks who are extremely brilliant or extremely dumb – both have a hard life.

I found this kind of a thought very interesting. Mostly because in schools we are taught to always try to be the best at everything we do. Years later when I was in my mid-twenties, I got interested in Buddhism and started lapping up the teachings. I was surprised to read that even in Buddhism there is a strong emphasis on following ‘the middle path’ in life. This teaching resonated so much with what my grandfather had said. But for the record, my grandfather was an atheist for the most part.

He was an avid reader and also a published writer. Here is one of his books on Amazon :

I rarely remember seeing him without a book in his hands. Even in the picture above he is probably reading a P.G.Wodehouse novel. He is not with us anymore but I am sure he is looking over me now πŸ™‚ I was, as everyone claims, his favorite granddaughter after all. I have an old article that he had written about me and my cousin – will share it in this blog post.


2. My school friends


All the pretty girls in the picture above are my Angels. They are my soul sisters. Whenever even one of us is feeling down or needs some sort of counseling – we call on each other. We have a pretty active Watsapp group. I have known them for more than 10 years now and we have not changed one bit. Well probably we don’t laugh as much as we used to before. But then, life does that to you. We still have a riot every time we meet each other. I honestly, don’t know what I would have done without these beautiful souls. First we talked about our crushes, then boyfriends and now we chat about our respective husband, in-laws and children. I have a feeling we will be chatting about our children’s spouses in the future too πŸ™‚ Because this friendship is going to last – not just this lifetime but all the next ones to come as well.

3. Mamiji

Mamiji is what we call our mother’s brother’s wife i.e., aunt in Hindi. I have an amazing mamaji and (had) mamiji (RIP). While growing up, I really looked up to them. But let me spcifically talk about my mamiji here because she wasn’t even related to me by blood, but still was such a great influence on me and showed so much empathy and compassion towards me. She was caring, understanding, loving, intelligent and wise. I was an obese kid, mainly because of my family’s bad eating habits and also due to my tendency to gain weight. The only two people who lovingly encouranged me to lose weight were my mamaji and mamiji. I also remember her delicious cooking especially the bread custard pudding she uses to make. I have seen her go through a lot because of my aunts and my mom to some degree. It is unfortunate how a person with a narcissistic personality disorder can ruin family relationships. In this case, I think my eldest aunt slowly broke everyone apart. Anyways, I am sure my mamji’s soul is untouched by all this negativity as it was full of love and light. She was an angel for sure. Now when life has brought on me similar circumstances as she faced, I use my memories of her to help me face the day. And also use her story as a learning ground for my next steps. I am sure she is somewhere watching over all of us now.

So here are some of the Angels I know and I am sure there are thousands more looking after me and all of us here on Earth. I thank all of my Angels for showering me with so much of love, laughter and light. I am forever grateful to you.