Empaths are people who according to Earth-standards ‘feel too much’. These are the people who pick up on feelings in a room. They can sense acceptance, tension, happiness, sadness. They can detect why a certain person is acting a little irritated today. They ‘make up’ a back story to this in their mind – now this ‘made up’ story might many times be the truth. Because often empaths also have the capacity to be clairsentient.

Such people also are usually very careful with their words and also take other people’s words very seriously. This is because these people don’t just hear words but they understand the true sentiment the person felt and the thoughts they were thinking while saying these words. They therefore get hurt a lot more by people’s words.

If you identify yourself as an empath, you need a lot of self-care. Because the world is a hard place for you to be in. But we need to go through this human life and retain our empathic qualities. We need to stay soft – because our soft has the strength of a thousand elephants combined with a gigantic mountain. Self-affirmations are a great way to start taking care of oneself.

So here I share some of the affirmations I use.

  1. I am what I am – This one I borrowed from God ๐Ÿ™‚ It is one of the famous verses of the Torah. When Moses asked God for his name, God said – I am that I am. This is a very powerful affirmation for it removes the need to change yourself. It affirms the true nature of a person. You are absolutely fine, the way you are.
  2. I am made of love and light
  3. I am God’s child
  4. I am a confident, beautiful, intelligent man/woman/person.
  5. I am whole within myself.
  6. I drink from my own ocean of positivity.

You can read these multiple times in the day. You can write them down on post-its and keep them on your office desk. Or write them down in your phone’s notes application. You can make your own ones too. Read them, feel them and believe in them ๐Ÿ™‚ Find your own power!