Is there any difference between Eminem, Rumi and Ramana Maharshi or the Buddha, Yogananda Paramhansa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Amma? I think not. They have been through the same things, some more publicly than others. They all have taught the same things, in their own words and ways. I was listening to Eminem’s song called ‘Not Afraid’ today. And listening to that song made me feel like Eminem get’s it. He get’s how it feels. The feeling of empowerment is written all over his song. It’s song where he gives up his victimhood and gets empowered. His empowerment and his will to help others in the same situation shines so bright in that song.

I feel everyone who has been awakened has ultimately had to take this path. They were shown immense suffering, they felt the suffering so much so that they became the suffering. And then in the darkness of suffering, they found their light. They let their soul shine through it. Their soul that had been colored from the darkness – it found it’s original light. And finally they realize that they are the light. Their soul is the light. And everyone’s soul is the light. Some are plunged into a more darker darkness that’s all. But any no matter how dark the darkness is, it can still be overcome by light.

Here is a link to that song. Do check it out. Lots of love and light to Eminem 🙂

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