So the other day I had a very vivid dream in 1080p and full contrast. I was flying  – I didn’t see myself but I was in the air and looking at a birds’ eye view of the scene below.

The scene below was magnificent! Let me explain it this way, the scale of my dreams is extremely massive. The zoom factor is such that a dog appears to be as big as an elephant in my dreams and an elephant might be as big as a mountain. In this particular dream, I saw waterfalls which are humungous – say 10 times the size of niagara falls. I was flying over the water falls and I could see that the water which was making its way down the waterfall was like a huge ocean. So it was how in reality we have a river or stream which falls over rocks and becomes a waterfall – imagine this one to be a waterfall of an ocean. And there were not just one, but multiple such waterfalls around. There was water everywhere.

I remember flying different directions and up and down in the dream trying to see the waterfall from various directions. Anyways, I remember feeling satisfied as well as awed while seeing it.

Here is the interpretation of the dream.

Waterfall – This is an indication of emotional cleansing, revitalization and finding inner peace within your mind, body and spirit.

Water – All in all, dreams about water have a strong relationship to the emotions you are experiencing in your life. It is very important to understand what is truly going on in your waking life in order to be able to interpret the water symbolism in your dreams. You will learn much about your emotional needs, conflicts, unresolved feelings and disappointments. In so doing, you will experience rebirth and renewal, healing and cleansing achieve your goals, avert obstacles and learn how to keep your emotions under control for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Flying – If you are flying with ease and are enjoying the scene and landscape below, then it suggests that you are on top of a situation. You have risen above something. It may also mean that you have gained a new and different perspective on things. Flying dreams and the ability to control your flight is representative of your own personal sense of power.

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