Juxtaposition is when two or more things are placed side by side for effect – i.e., contrast, comparison, etc.

A great example of this is a rap by 2 great artists – B.O.B and Eminem. And the song is elevated by Haley William voice singing the chorus. It is ‘rhythm and poetry’ indeed 🙂

The songs are called Airplane 1 and Airplane 2. In the first song, B.O.B says he wants to make airplanes into wishes and wants to go back to a simpler time now that he is super rich and famous. The second song is a juxtaposition to this idea. It has B.O.B and Eminem rapping that if they only believed in shooting stars to fulfil their wishes, where do you think they  would land up. And if things had not been bad and ugly, they wouldn’t have worked as hard and gotten to where they are today. Things would have been bad.

I found it interesting. Here are the links to the songs.
Part 1:

Part 2 :